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If you are looking at this, you have probably begun to embrace the fact that you, and any other person who is involved with Internet marketing, need a list. It is just that simple. You cannot have Internet marketing without list building, they go hand in hand!

Email lists are extremely vital to the success of a business, and when used properly, they become the heart and soul of your Internet marketing efforts. To be perfectly honest, if you do not have a list, you are only hurting yourself! Lists bring money, and without them, you are missing out on many opportunities to make money. However, you may still be questioning why you should invest time into building a list.

Without A List, You Are Losing Money.

Lists allow you to acquire contact information from these prospective customers. By obtaining this contact information, you are essentially giving yourself a way to stay in touch with the people who have already expressed interests in your company. These people are often only one more interaction away from a sale!

Without a list, you are essentially allowing your competition to become more appealing as your prospects continue to browse the Internet. You DO NOT want to let your customers get so far away from your product that they ultimately dismiss your offerings when it is time to purchase. A list will give you the opportunity to stay in touch with those who have already expressed an interest in your product, thus allowing you to offer up a friendly follow up.

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